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Whether how to make the right decision to marry?

01 January 2018
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  1. When the marriage can be quite successful?
  2. The reasons for the sake of which to marry silly
  3. Video: how to understand whether it is worth marrying?

Marriage — the major moment in life of any woman. For this reason arises many questions concerning this subject: and whether it is worth marrying in general at what age for whom, etc.

Practically each young girl in dreams sees herself the bride, in an amazing white dress, under a hand with the man of the dream. But, unfortunately, the marriage is not a guarantee of personal happiness yet. Not without reason there is a wise proverb: "To marry — not to attack, not the abyss is as if married".

Many women are guilty that their marriages are unsuccessful. Whether there will be a woman happy in marriage, in many respects depends on incentive motives which forced it to agree to marry the elect.

When the marriage can be quite successful?

The woman loves the elect and feels that it is loved by him
Whether it is worth agreeing to marriage with the unloved person? The answer, of course, is obvious. Mutual love — the major and major factor of family happiness! It is much easier for darling, than unloved, to forgive shortcomings, small and large sins, mistakes. To be near darling, people are ready to go on the big victims, to suffer of deprivations and to overcome difficulties whereas near unloved even paradise seems hell. Opinion that the love passes over time — mistakenly. There pass the passion and sharpness of feelings, and the love — either it is, or it is absent.
The woman feels sincere relationship with the elect
As a rule, the happiest marriages happen between people who in something are similar among themselves, for example, have similar outlook, identical beliefs, common interests, similar outlooks on life. People similar among themselves are capable to feel each other and to take the hint. Thanks to it they very seldom quarrel that is very important for happy marriage!
The woman is imposed by personal qualities of the man
to marry by calculation? Yes, marriages of convenience happen happy too, but only in case calculation concerns not money, but ability of the woman to count whether the specific man will be able to become the good husband to her and the loving father to her children. At the same time the woman takes into account sincere qualities of the man, his character, temperament, intelligence, and also existence though some sympathy for it in return. About such marriages it is accepted to speak: "Love comes with habit". The wise woman can quite fall in love with the man if he is worthy her love.

The reasons for the sake of which to marry silly

Many women, planning family life, are guided absolutely by other motives which if to judge sensibly, cannot be considered as a serious reason for a marriage at all.

Fear to remain in "old maids"
Many young girls so are afraid that public opinion will paste to them a label "old maid" that are ready to run in the REGISTRY OFFICE nearly with the first comer. But, whether it is necessary to go in marriage only therefore to prove to girlfriends and neighbors that they than not worse than others? Probably, these girls think a little that it is necessary to live with their elect him, but not to girlfriends or neighbors.
Fear of loneliness
Some women so are afraid of loneliness that are ready to stand near themselves even the unloved and unwanted man who, besides, does not correspond to their idea of the good husband at all. It is senseless to hurry under a wreath if only not to be one and if only to have the status of the married woman... If there is no love and even mutual sympathy, then and near the lawful husband, the woman can feel absolutely lonely!
Whether pregnancy is a reason for a marriage? Perhaps, one of the most fatal delusions of many women is an opinion that the birth of the child can strengthen and improve the bad relations and turn even unfortunate marriage into happy. Alas, thanks to appearance of the general child, people foreign each other cannot become the family, indifference will not become love, and the "improper" man will not turn into "suitable".
Monetary calculation
Unfortunately, many modern women consider what should be married only because the elect is rich. Of course, this their personal right and their choice. Whether here only they have a chance to become happy? Life shows that very many women who marry for rich bitterly are sorry subsequently about the decision. Alas, life of "Cinderella" in reality not such beautiful, as in books and movies. First, the rich husband — does not mean the generous husband. Very many wealthy men force the wives to report literally for each spent ruble, and as required do not forget to remind: "It I you, expensive, from dirt pulled out!". Secondly, constantly to represent passion and love which do not exist, can appear not in power even to the most patient woman.
Good sex
Sometimes young and inexperienced girls take momentary physical passion and good sex for love, without betraying value to what besides intim them connects nothing with the man. Though the intimate proximity, certainly, quite important part of the relations between spouses, but nevertheless does not make sense to marry only because of it. Sex will not be able to compensate lack of emotional bond, mutual understanding, deep feelings and consequently cannot be considered as the sufficient base for a happy matrimony in any way.

And what to do if there is a strong wish to marry, and there is no suitable man nearby? Means, it is necessary to have patience and to wait. If patiently to wait for the happiness and to believe that it will surely come — that and will be!

Video: how to understand whether it is worth marrying?

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