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How it is possible to cure frigidity at women?

03 January 2018
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  1. Main symptoms of frigidity
  2. Reasons of lack of sexual desire
  3. Councils of sexologists
  4. Video: frigidity at the woman

Definition of female frigidity can be deciphered as lack of sexual interest owing to what and lack of an orgasm. The statistics of polls of female population shows that about 28% of women never in the life tested an orgasm.

Women whom it is possible to call "the snow queen" have no necessary sensitivity in erogenous zones because of what the sexual relations with the partner are not interesting to them at all.

By science it is proved that the women suffering from the true coldness, no more than 7% other women have a frigidity, as a rule, temporary. In case the woman has no orgasm, but nevertheless, the sexual relations and sex to her is interesting, she is not a frigidna.

Main symptoms of frigidity

Only the sexologist after carrying out careful inspection can diagnose a problem. If lack of interest in sex depends on the physiological reasons, then consultation of the gynecologist is necessary. Knowing the main symptoms of female coldness, it is possible to assume independently about existence of the similar phenomenon.

Treat the main symptoms of frigidity:

  1. feeling of dryness in a vagina;
  2. lack of an inclination to an opposite sex;
  3. hatred to sex;
  4. lack of sexual feelings;
  5. lack of an orgasm.

Reasons of lack of sexual desire

  • There is no wish to offend men, but one of the coldness reasons at women on a straight line is connected with male not skill, laziness, roughness and indelicacy. For example, darling decided suit beloved a surprise, dressed a sexy underwear and stockings, but at this moment her partner giggles over her look, without having estimated her creativity. At such woman, not only an orgasm you will not find, but also sex will become for her unnecessary.
  • Any least conflict in the relations of the man and the woman can kill feeling of an orgasm at all during their close connection. Quarrels of any origin, including at work, can influence a female orgasm also perniciously.
  • Strict parents who hammered all her conscious childhood to it into the head that sex is a dirty business could become the reason of female coldness. This moral could be put for a long time in subconsciousness of the woman and affect her relation to intimate life. Only skilled experts, or hypnotists can cope with such diagnosis.
  • There is a frigidity and constitutional because of most of which of women can suffer. However, despite the lack of an orgasm, such women especially do not suffer. They conduct full-fledged life, giving birth and having raised children, and besides are excellent wives. In this case her genitals do not respond to caress even at additional stimulation. And complexes concerning lack of an orgasm appear when her closest acquaintances, in an intimate conversation, with astonishment ask: "And how you live without orgasm?"
  • Injuries of the sexual plan, such as rape in the past, painful deprivation of a virgin pleva at the first sex, fear of casual pregnancy.
  • The nervous breakdown, prolonged depression or chronic exhaustion of an organism can affect lack of an orgasm.
  • Gynecologic diseases can also become the frigidity reason at the woman in case genitals are injured by infections, there are inflammatory processes of bodies of a small pelvis, and even in case of strongly stretched vagina muscles after the endured childbirth.

Councils of sexologists

In 95% of cases it is possible to cure female frigidity. For this purpose you have to realize that you are ready to be treated. Address the skilled expert who will listen to your problems, carefully surveys and will pick up individual treatment.

Before an initiation of treatment take into consideration several useful tips:

  • First, you should not go in cycles in receiving an orgasm during sex, playing a camomile — will be, will not be. Uneasiness of your mood in itself slows down approach of an orgasm.
  • Secondly, attentively study an own body. According to research data, women who independently bring themselves to a discharge suffer from frigidity less.
  • Thirdly, change a habitual pose. If you got used to be from below, replace it with a pose behind or from above where you will be able independently to control sex process, and it is possible to receive a long-awaited orgasm.
  • Fourthly, try to diversify habitual sex, using sexual toys and erotic linen. And also suggest the partner to have sex in the unusual place that will also help you to increase sexual excitement.
  • Fifthly, the training of muscles of a vagina as over time they lose the elasticity will help with treatment of female frigidity. Strain and relax basin muscles, these exercises will promote restoration of former health of internal women's bodies, and also achievement of an orgasm.
  • And the sixth, use an aromatherapy as an excellent way to relax before sex. Well aromatic bathtubs with oils of a ylang-ylang, mint, a bergamot, a carnation and sandal-wood tree help with it.
  • And the last, do not forget to eat properly. Eat products where a lot of vitamin A, very necessary to a female body contains. But do not go too far in food as excess weight can influence decrease in sexual desire also.

Video: frigidity at the woman

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