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Two categories of the reasons why the man do not want sex

03 January 2018
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  1. Reasons of the general character
  2. The reasons connected with difficulties in the relations
  3. How to take actions to the woman?
  4. Video: why the man refuses sex?

It is considered to be that lack of sexual desire — exclusively women's issue whereas men are, allegedly, ready to intimate proximity always, at any time and under any circumstances.

Therefore if a long time the man does not want sex, his woman has thoughts of not really pleasant character at once: "He does not love me!" or "It had another!".

Actually a circle of the reasons for which the man does not show an initiative in sex, much more widely.

Reasons of the general character

Weak temperament
It is not necessary to think that in sex all men are insatiable. There are men who the nature are allocated with the weak sexual constitution. One sexual intercourse a week, and even times in two weeks quite is enough for such men to feel satisfied and happy. Beginning the new relations, do not forget about sexual compatibility of the man and woman.
Nerves and experiences
If the man does not want sex, then it is quite possible that it had serious troubles at work or in business. In this regard can become it simply not to intimate life. To be adjusted on a sexual harmony, the man has to be quiet and relaxed as the men's potentiality is directly connected with a condition of nervous system.
Problems with health
If the man has serious problems with health, for example, diabetes, a hypertension, atherosclerosis, etc., then it is regular to have sex for it is very problematic. Sex demands the considerable physical tension and big power expenses. And where to take forces and energy in the presence of a serious disease?
Chronic alcoholism at men — one of the most frequent reasons of impotence, and as a result of why the man does not want sex. Even a small amount of the drunk alcohol right there affects quality of a potentiality of most of men! And what to expect when the man drinks every day and drinks much?
Unfortunately, with age sexual opportunities of most of men weaken. If in 20 years the young and healthy guy can have sex all night long, and for the morning to feel again "ready to fight", then for the man after 40 years the intimate proximity 2-3 times a week — average norm.

The above-mentioned reasons are directly not connected with quality of the relations between the man and the woman. But, alas, quite often happens and so that the long absence of a sexual initiative from the man says that in the relations between him and his woman there are significant difficulties.

The reasons connected with difficulties in the relations

Strong offense on the woman
Men, in the majority, are very ambitious therefore it is necessary to know what men do not forgive to women. There are two things of which never you should speak with a dissatisfied look or, even worse, with contempt — sexual opportunities of the man and his professional achievements. There are two words which men are afraid to hear above all — "impotent man" and "loser".
Unfortunately, very often the man avoids intimate proximity because of a satiety sex with the beloved. But, it is necessary to notice that in it quite often happen, women who, having got used to the man, do not consider shameful to walk before him in the worn-out house-shoes, a shabby sports suit, without cosmetics on a face are guilty. If the woman wants to be always desired for the man — she always has to try to look good at his presence!
Emergence in life of the man of other woman
This reason the most undesirable to the woman as poses in itself real threat of an inevitable rupture of the relations. If the man who always was sexually active it becomes suddenly sharp indifferent to sex — it is necessary to sound the alarm! But precisely to tell, the man changes or not, it is not always possible as many men are able to konspirirovatsya very skillfully. Therefore most of the deceived women learn about existence of the happy competitor only while about it they are reported by the man who was going to leave to "razluchnitsa".

How to take actions to the woman?

The woman who faced sexual ignoring from the man should listen to several councils:

To try to understand by what reason it is caused
If the man does not want to have sex, but at the same time the serious conflicts in the next past were not, the man stays in good mood and does not complain of health, so the woman should think seriously or even to try to talk to the man frankly. Though not the fact that she will be told the truth...
To watch the external appeal
If the woman every time appears before darling beautifully made up, elegantly and sexually dressed, smelling of pleasant spirits, then she quite has a chance to awaken in the man, the desire and to revive former passion beginning to die away.
To try most to show an initiative
Also it is not necessary to be ashamed! Eventually, sexual desires are peculiar not only to men, but also women! For example, suggest the man to have sex in the unusual place. Quite, it is possible that the man will only be glad to it.

Well, and if no measures — erotic linen, the exciting perfume aromas and sexual advances — help, and the man does not wish sex still, at all without offering explanations for the behavior? In such situation the woman has to ask herself a question: whether this man loves it and whether there is a sense to continue with it the relations...

Video: why the man refuses sex?

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