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Whether it is necessary to marry the virgin?

03 January 2018
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  1. Do not connect virginity and marriage
  2. Wait strictly for the first marriage night
  3. Those who try to deceive
  4. Video: for what to keep virginity?

Still in some families there is an old principle of education when the woman has to keep virginity before marriage and begin the sexual life only in a bed with the husband.

But, as far as it is correct? Whether really it is necessary to marry the virgin whether also the truth, virginity is considered necessary by a condition for strong, pure and real feelings?

It is necessary to understand it before the woman puts herself and darling irreparable psychological and physiological injuries.

There are three categories of opinions to a problem of the premarital sexual relations.

Do not connect virginity and marriage

Representatives of the first category are engaged in intim with men, without connecting this process with a wedding. That is they have sex with men and honestly speak about it to those applicants who build with them the serious relations or even suggest to marry.

It is, perhaps, the healthiest and natural option of sexual development of the woman. That is before entering into matrimony, the woman chooses the beloved from those gentlemen to whom she has feelings. At the same time it is quite logical that it has intimate relationship with the beloved prior to a wedding, thus, learning all pleasures of the personal relations. If the girl does not hurry to marry in a hurry right after majority, and continues to study in HIGHER EDUCATION INSTITUTION or begins to work.

However, the aforesaid does not mean at all that it is necessary to go into extremes and to have chaotic sex. It is possible to enter intimate proximity only on mutual love.

Wait strictly for the first marriage night

The women having the opposite point of view enter the second category. They diligently keep the virginity till first marriage night for the only man who will become their husband. Thus, they keep traditions and purity of the body. Representatives of this category, most likely, the most unfortunate and unhealthy women.

  • First, than you are guided, keeping the virginity? Traditions, stereotypes, public opinion? But much of everything listed became obsolete. Besides really you want to live on someone's pointer, but not at own desires?
  • Secondly, being ready to sexual contacts, but without affording intim, you ruin the health. Sex – it is as natural how to breathe, eat, hear, etc. If you do not develop any part of the body, then it is exposed to destruction.
  • Thirdly, how you consider, really if you marry the virgin, then it will help you to fall in love with the person, and to him – you? Really only the virgin plenochka speaks about purity of a body? And what then to do to those women who since the birth have no it?
  • And fourthly, and that if between you and the husband there is a sexual incompatibility about which you learn only after the wedding. Know that it is very serious problem which in most cases leads to a divorce of spouses or unfortunate family life. That to avoid it, you need to study the future husband from the intimate party even before marriage.

Those who try to deceive

Representatives of the third category say how the second, but arrive as the first. In this case each of them is guided by stereotypes about virginity before marriage or tries to deceive the future spouse.

To keep virginity prior to a wedding, having sex, very much it is even easy. Here nonconventional sexual contacts, surgical restoration of a plenochka or traditional intim, but on special technology can help. Some do not bother: they just have sex in those places where there are no acquaintances and friends. And to all people who know them, say that store themselves for the husband.

But there are reefs. The main problem will be what the woman will do if her newly made husband learns about her deception? Of course, it is possible to arrange bleeding in a bed. But what to do if the husband incidentally faces those people who had sexual contact with his wife who allegedly protected the virginity till a marriage?

The man will not forgive to this lie. And here the significant role will be played not by(with) presence or lack of a virgin pleva at the woman, and the fact that she deceived the man. To modern men it is not so important that the woman married the virgin. For many this fact insignificant. Though, of course, there are men who wish to be pioneers, but such people are not enough.

Apparently, absence or existence of sexual contacts of women with other men does not guarantee happiness in the matrimonial relations. Besides restriction of the intimate desires can lead to negative consequences with health. And what you will do if you are fated to marry after 30 years or even more? You will wait?

There passed those times when married right after school and to keep the virginity before marriage did not make work. Now people establish families at later age therefore you should not look for a problem where it should not be. In the modern world the man who clings to virginity will never love really the woman and to respect her as the personality. And sincere love and respect of the partner is capable to affect wellbeing and happiness in a family.

Video: for what to keep virginity?

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