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Whether it is worth pulling down a family if you love other man?

03 January 2018
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  1. Because of what the woman can fall in love with other man?
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  3. Video: I am married, but I love other man

Any woman, marrying, sacredly believes that she will live with the elect long and happily, in love and consent. In many married couples and it happens. But, unfortunately, there is also it that having lived in marriage the unlimited number of years, the woman grows cold to the husband and madly falls in love with other man. Why does that happen?

Family psychologists allocate several reasons for which in life of the woman there can be a similar situation.

Because of what the woman can fall in love with other man?

The woman married without loving
Alas, not all marriages consist on great love. Often women marry not because are in love with the elect, and by calculation for the rich husband or just for fear to sit up in old maids. National saying: "Love comes with habit" in practice is not always repaid. Heart of the woman is eager for love and if the woman could not fall in love with the husband — means will fall in love with someone another...

Bad relation of the husband Even if the woman married in marriage for love, the love can leave the relations if the spouse often offends the woman, changes, is rude, it is not considered with it. In that case all fault for a situation entirely lays down on the husband. Crisis of the matrimonial relations One and all families, even the happiest, pass through the crisis moments during which tension between spouses is fueled, become uneven, conflict. Not all married couples pass through these crises successfully, especially, if in a conflict situation each of spouses is able to hear only himself and does not consider it necessary to adapt to the partner. And if during family crisis on the way of the woman the man with whom she will have a mutual sympathy meets, she can decide that its marriage was a mistake and to rush to the abyss of new love. Boredom There is a category of women who very often fall in love with other men because they are quickly bothered by the quiet and monotonous matrimonial relations. Such women, when their family life flows exactly and quietly, begin to miss or rush on searches of the new love relations, and the risk of exposure gives them to feelings still big sharpness. Probably, such women are simply not created for quiet matrimonial happiness...

Meeting with a soulmate Happens and so that the husband and the wife — quite good people, but very different. If the man and the woman differently look at life, have the different vital purposes and priorities, they will never be able to be happy with each other and they will always have problems with mutual understanding. And if the woman living with the spouse alien to it suddenly meets on the way the man with whom at it much in common then not surprisingly if she falls in love with it. Thirst of romanticism Popular expression: "The love boat crashed against life", it is fair for very many families. It is necessary to specify that the love kills not life, but a lack of romanticism when communication of the husband and wife comes down only to the joint solution of the current family problems. And here near the woman there is other man who gives her flowers, pays compliments, beautifully makes a declaration of love — whether it is easy for it to resist?

How to arrive to the woman who fell in love other man? Messages a double life, deceiving the husband, or to destroy a family for the sake of love?

Councils of family psychologists

It is quiet to analyse the incident
The reason for which there was a similar situation is very important. If it is all about the intolerable relations with the husband or in lack of matrimonial love, then it is desirable to divorce not only because of new love, but also because to live with the unloved person — immorally, and to suffer constant scandals — senselessly! But if the only reason to destroy own family — passion to other man, then builds to think...
It is sober to estimate prospect of the relations with the beloved
As a rule, all love relations begin beautifully, but not the fact that so will be further. Very often happens that the woman begins to feel passion to other man and leaves to him the grown hateful husband, and as a result of after a while relation with the lover become same as were with the husband, and even it is even worse! Before to make the vital decision, the woman has to realize that the passion is not eternal also that let well alone.
To be honest
The most wrong that the woman who fell in love with other man can make is to begin to meet the beloved secretly from the husband. First, all secret becomes obvious sooner or later, secondly, to have relations along with two men simply unscrpulously. Far more correctly honestly to report to the husband about the decision to leave it, and already then to begin to build the new relations!
It is serious to talk to darling
Before to make the fatal decision, the woman has to talk frankly to the beloved and take an interest whether he is going to link life with her in case it becomes free. Very many men meet married mistresses because it is so convenient to them as the similar relations to anything do not oblige them! And once the woman divorces for the sake of darling, darling right there finds a pretext to break off with her the relations.

Video: I am married, but I love other man

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