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Pity to the man - poison for it!

03 January 2018
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  1. Why it is impossible to feel sorry for the man?
  2. How "sympathy" in practice is shown?
  3. Video: how to feel sorry for the man it is correct?

Many women adore showing pity to the man in various ways: "Go lie down!", "Eat a roll, and that hungry you sit!", "Will be enough very much to work, have a rest a little!".

Continuous unjustified relaxation, desire to feel guardianship does human will weak, especially it concerns men.

Therefore it is necessary to learn to behave correctly with the man not to do much harm to him, but at the same time to remain the womanly and careful girlfriend.

Why it is impossible to feel sorry for the man?

The man meets vital difficulties much more often, than the woman. It even sometimes should assume blows which lean on the woman as any man wishes to protect darling from excess stresses and alarms. Plus to everything, the man conducts communication with representatives of the floor where there is no place to powerlessness, weakness and pity. If someone begins to show the weak qualities attributed to women it at once deride and delete from a circle of acquaintances.

All these obstacles and the relations temper male will and do it more viable, active and responsible. That demand existence of certain qualities of character from it he seeks to prove to himself and others that he is a real man.

Danger is desire of the woman to regret the man at the slightest difficulties. Here it is possible to attribute also pity to the man from mother who also tries to make his life easier and comfortable. So, any female pity (spouses or mothers) turns the man into a rag. Why?

First, severe living conditions for men force it to mature and become independent quickly. Earlier almost each 20-year-old man was ready to separate accommodation from the parents and to creation of own family. In modern time to show such independence very hard because of lack of material resources for acquisition of own apartment and male character in which "kind" mother often is engaged, imparting the sonny female lines and doing of it mother's darling.

Secondly, constant pity from the woman it is possible to break any man, even the strongest. Both water sharpens a stone, and daily pity to the man weakens his will and ambitions. As the result, at it is lowered a self-assessment – what each man values.

How "sympathy" in practice is shown?

Imagine the man who it is perspective works at some position. And here his woman communicates every day with it in the following role: "Why, darling, you so overstrain. Well, look, already and the back hurts. Take eat that it was more forces, and then go lie down on a sofa and have a rest. And at work not strongly overstrain, you not one work there. Besides, can other job where the chief will be able to consider your talents will turn up and to take you as own assistant".

Such talk is caused by feeling of pity that ruins male strong qualities. Of course, after such conversations with the wife the husband ceases to work at work, the house relaxes more and more. And over time leaves that his fellow workers who did not shine with mind earlier move ahead on service, receive big salaries, get to themselves expensive things, etc.

As a result, the relations of the man and the woman begin to fall because at the man the self-assessment goes down. It was perspective, and became some idler and a rag, who continually that lies on a sofa and complains of incompetence of the chief and colleagues. At the man desire something vanishes to do and the purpose disappears, he begins to drink, is disappointed in life, etc.

Apparently, it is contraindicated to feel sorry for the man! Thus the woman deprives of the partner of all those qualities which move him on the way to the purpose, force to overcome all obstacles and to be responsible for the life and life of the family.

However, all aforesaid does not mean that:

The man cannot have a rest
Rest is necessary to all living beings. And when the man was really tired, then he can allow to relax. But if it occurs when he did not manage to be tired, then this manifestation of pity.
The man needs to be criticized
It is necessary to understand differences of criticism correct from wrong at once. The correct criticism is when you criticize the man for his divergence and lack of the purposes to which he would aspire. The wrong criticism is when you criticize the man for his actions, even bad. Whatever were acts of your promised, the criticism does not need to strike them, it is much better, than he would do nothing at all.

Let's sum up the result: manifestation of pity to the man — does it weak-willed. If it does not leave such woman, then sooner or later becomes to nobody necessary and not capable of any actions at all. To encouragement any actions of the man are worthy even if then you speak to him: "Make a little more" — it only tempers its will.

If to the man to allow to have a rest when he was not tired, he stops being the real man. Such person is often unhappy, is not successful, does not respect women, is cynical, does not respect himself, is inclined to moaning, is envious and constantly lies on a sofa. Therefore never you should feel sorry for the man if in it there is no urgent need. And that the most interesting, your relations will become is more and more stronger. Support and inspire to make the man happy really!

Video: how to feel sorry for the man it is correct?

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